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OMV Petrom and FLOWX.AI partner to accelerate growth in the SME gas market through digital sales

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Bucharest / Oct 30th, 2021 - Technology companies QUALITANCE and FLOWX.AI have been selected by OMV Petrom to help them radically transform the traditional customer journey of SMEs in need of gas services and build an efficient, paperless, and customizable digital sales channel. Utilio, the new digital platform for gas services born out of this innovative partnership, marks a major step in OMV Petrom’s strategy to empower SMEs with cutting-edge tools that enable them to grow. 

Utilio is a unified digital sales channel that simplifies and speeds up time-consuming, inconsistent interactions, synchronizing back-office processes and creating efficiency for OMV Petrom customers and employees. The platform raises the bar in the natural gas market by offering SMEs a fast and smooth experience that lets them contract and manage gas services 100% online. It dramatically reduces the complexity and length of the onboarding process to less than 20 minutes and removes the hassle of the paperwork via features like electronic signature. The efficiency is generated by the implementation of the revolutionary FLOWX.AI technology into OMV Petrom’s ecosystem and by its integration with +10 existing systems and applications: from public entities such as ANRE and Romanian Trade Registry to Coface or group solutions like CRM and custom-made industry-specific apps.

The FLOWX.AI platform, which was implemented and integrated by the QUALITANCE team, streamlines huge amounts of data from disparate systems into a single source of truth. As a result, Utilio onboards SMEs on a smooth new experience that automates time-consuming processes such as client identification and eligibility allows for personalized natural gas offerings and provides them with continuous support, transparency, and predictability through forecasting. 

We are extremely happy to see the first deployment of FLOWX.AI in an industry as challenging and complex as Energy and Utilities. The partnership with OMV Petrom is only just beginning, marking a shift towards the digitalization of B2B relationships. The next stages of the project will see us go deeper into leveraging data through AI to further improve the speed of development, the optimization of process automation and the customer experience
— Ioan Iacob, QUALITANCE co-founder and FLOWX.AI CEO.
Utilio is a state-of-the-art customer platform that contributes to our efforts to digitize, simplify, and diversify our natural gas offer and related services. We created a solid foundation that ensures a high degree of transparency and meets the needs of SMEs in terms of service experience and rapid contract signing for gas supply services
Franck Neel, member of the OMV Petrom Executive Board, Downstream Gas.

About the FLOWX.AI

FLOWX.AI is the first development platform that allows FIs and other enterprises to build amazing digital apps in just 10 weeks, while reviving their legacy infrastructure and providing a path to re-building it from within. All without deep code expertise.

With the world’s first AI-generated UI and ZeroRedeploy (™) technology, FLOWX.AI helps enterprises build and launch omnichannel digital products and experiences while supporting the automation of business processes.

Large and complex enterprises such as BCR-ERSTE, Banca Transilvania, News Corp Australia and OMV-Petrom use FLOWX.AI as a digital engine to power mission-critical processes.

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