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Senior Software Engineer — Android

If you apply, we'd love you to tell us about the most impressive thing you've ever built in place of a cover letter.

Engineers on the team today:

  • Work in Kotlin, with the native Android SDK
  • Incorporate best practices using Android Jetpack libraries
  • Uphold best practices in engineering, security, and design
  • Proactively contribute when teammates are faced with new challenges
  • Are left to explore and decide upon the solutions to their challenges autonomously
  • Build a great user experience based on customer centricity
  • Value and enhance clear communication, as we do a lot of reading & writing
  • Are naturally curious and open to initiate learning something they don’t have experience in yet
  • Build extreme ownership and feel a great sense of accountability to each other

Skills & Experience

  • 4+ years of working with Android SDK (preferably Kotlin)
  • 7+ years of working full-time as a software engineer (Kotlin, Java)
  • Focus on code reusability and scalability
  • Experience managing asynchronous tasks
  • Experience building reusable component libraries
  • Good knowledge of common design patterns used in Android development
  • Nice to have: familiarity with the paradigm of functional and reactive programming
  • Nice to have: experience with complex networking layers
  • Nice to have: experience with sockets (SocketIO)
  • Nice to have: experience with building complex, scalable user interfaces
  • Experience writing Unit Tests

Here are examples of things we’ve worked on:

  • Android FLOWX engine foundation
  • Basic business process interactions


  • You will be part of the Mobile Engineering team and work closely with Bogdan Ionescu
  • The team is made up of roles like Frontend, Mobile, DevOps, QA, Product Owner, CTO