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QA Performance Engineer

At FLOWX.AI we are creating the next generation of how the world develops enterprise software. Large companies use our platform to create and launch fast digital solutions that delight users 10 times faster and less expensive.

We are a key component in the Enterprise Architecture of our clients - international groups in banking, energy, retail, healthcare, and automotive.


As a QA Performance Engineer, your mission is to ensure the optimal performance and scalability of our software applications. By designing and executing performance testing strategies, you will identify bottlenecks and provide recommendations for optimization, ultimately enhancing the end-user experience. 

You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, product managers, and system administrators, to identify performance bottlenecks and drive improvements.

How you will bring impact from your role

  • Define the requirements for the performance testing process, which includes identifying the performance metrics to be measured, the expected workload, and the acceptance criteria
  • Identify the strategy and approach to be used for the performance testing process, which includes identifying the types of tests to be performed, the tools and technologies to be used, and the resources required
  • Configure the performance environment, which includes setting up the test environment to simulate the production environment and ensuring that it can handle the expected workload
  • Identify performance issues and work with the entire team to identify potential application and infrastructure bottlenecks and suggest changes to improve performance
  • Generate performance reports that present the findings of the performance testing process, including the performance metrics measured, the issues identified, and the recommended changes

Experience & skill set you need to succeed:

  •  +5 years of QA experience
  • Experience using Performance Testing tools such as Load Generators, Performance Monitoring tools, and Reporting tools, etc.
  • Proficient in Java or another programming language depending on the performance tools used before
  • Knowledgeable in SQL

Nice to have:

  • Familiarity with database configurations
  • Experience in devops and environment configuration
  • Knowledge of test automation

What's in it for you

  • Joining a product company in such early stages means you are invited to leave a print on the evolution of both the business and the product.
  • Involvement in international accounts throughout the expansion of the company
  • Direct involvement in further building the team & the culture
  • Early-stage equity package to be considered

Location: Bucharest