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Digital Copywriter (Global GTM Team)

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At FLOWX.AI we have created the next generation of platforms for enterprise digital development. Large companies use our platform to create and launch digital solutions that delight users  - 10 times faster and less expensive.

We are a key component in the Enterprise Architecture of our clients - international groups in banking, energy, retail, healthcare, and automotive.

The opportunity

You are in the first wave of hires in the Digital GTM (go-to-market) team and will have a disproportionate opportunity to shape how we expose our thought leadership - and directly impact the value of your equity stock options.

What does a Digital Copywriter in the Global GTM (go-to-market) Team

FLOWX.AI is solving one of the biggest, most complex problems of modern civilization: digital development   Our clients and users are ecstatic about it - and the job of the Digital Content team is to capture the excitement in content that is fresh, and engaging, in a variety of formats: 

    • infographics 
    • sales decks 
    • case studies 
    • website 
    • blog posts 
    • articles 
    • press releases
    • eBooks 
    • infographics 
    • videos 

As part of the Global GTM (Go-To-Market) Team that means you will be speaking mostly to the European and US largest companies' top executives. 

The measure of success for a Digital Copywriter is how our target audience loves and engages with the content they create.

What does your work look like: 

  • Attend regularly (and contribute in) client interactions to understand how they speak and where their heads are at - what are their challenges, what are their hopes, what are their jobs 
  • Work with advisors and experts from our clients and partners 
  • Develop and deploy content across 
    • sales teams collateral 
    • website 
    • blog 
    • social media
  • Measure content performance and optimize based on results

Some signs you could be a good fit

  • 2+ years of copywriting experience in digital
  • Hands-on content creation experience: blogs, webinars, eBooks, whitepapers, content calendars, social media, case studies, including optimization for SEO
  • Some background in tech / digital, B2B enterprise, SaaS environments 
  • It's always helpful if you have any of these
    • Consulting background
    • Advertising or journalistic experience 
    • Background in the financial services industry
  • You bring to the table good energy and intensity 
    • don’t wait around for other people to tell you what to do, but you'd rather identify new exciting ideas, try them out, and implement them
    • you get a lot done with minimal overhead

What's next?

  • get in touch with someone in our team - can you find someone to recommend you to Ioana or Livia in our People team?